Fast Response Cutter #25

On September 5, the Fast Response Cutter (FRC) #25, USCG Jacob Poroo, has been delivered from Bollinger Shipyards to the United States Coast Guard. 

Novenco Marine & Offshore has successfully designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the HVAC system on board the vessel.

Each FRC is named after a Coast Guard hero, who distinguished him or herself in the line of duty. This vessel is named after Jacob Poroo for his heroic and courageous actions during a major fire at the LORAN station in Adak, Alaska in 1968. Jacob Poroo was posthumously awarded the Coast Guard Medal.

So far, the Novenco HVAC system has been commissioned and handed over up to FRC #27, while installation is completed up to FRC #31 and equipment fully delivered up to FRC #34.

FRC #23 USCG Benjamin B. Dailey delivered April 2017 

We are proud to announce that on September 15 2017, we have been awarded with additional six vessels by Bollinger shipyards - from #39 to #44 - thus confirming Novenco Marine & Offshore as a preferred and reliable HVAC partner for the United States Coast Guard FRC program.

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