Engine Room Ventilation

Since the early nineteen century, worldwide ship transport have focused on quick delivery. The need for transportation of raw materials and goods between the producers and consumers increased significantly and the shipping industry strived to comply with the rapidly growing demand.

In 2008, the latest financial crisis started with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. The next years, global growth declined, causing a drop in need for fast delivery. 

The new scenario forced the shipping business to act. The main focusing initiative became slow steaming, but also ship owners and regulations demanded more energy efficient system solutions.

Having main engine and other large equipment designed for full speed ahead, the challenge now became having systems aligned with the low speed demand, maintaining reasonable efficiencies and reduced power consumption accordingly for all energy consuming equipment on board the vessel. 

One of the influenced areas, having energy saving potential, is the Engine Room. More precisely the engine room ventilation, where Novenco can contribute with a combined solution, using high efficient fans and demand driven control system.

With a fan having an efficiency up to 92% and demand-driven control system, the power requirement for engine room ventilation can be significantly reduced, compared with a fixed speed, traditional ventilation system.

Save 20.000 to 30.000 USD in fuel cost per year by changing two low efficient fan system to Novenco high efficient fans and control system for demand driven engine room ventilation.