Cargo Hold Ventilation

Over the next couple of years, the reefer capacity on the containership fleet are expected to increase by 22%, at the expense of a declining specialized reefer fleet.


The ventilation system for container holds must consider size of cargo holds, type of refrigerated containers and the kind of cargo, envisaged to be carried. To ensure the cargo delivered in the best shape, the ventilation system design must consider:

  • Air volume
  • Ambient air condition
  • Max. temperature
  • CO2 level


Novenco participated in one of the first projects, investigating consequences of transporting reefer container below deck in 1982. The importance of a proper designed duct system and related effectiveness of the air, influence significantly.

Novenco has, in cooperation with Danfoss, developed a basic, fully automated ventilation system solution, which can be customized to individual vessel demand. Not all container carriers have the full cargo space below deck, dedicated for reefers. By expanding the amount of reefers, the demand for ventilation will increase, power requirement accordingly. So optimizing the systems is mandatory to operate at minimum energy consumption.