Medium pressure - service system

The HI-PRES Medium Pressure Service system is an air conditioning system in which all air treatment occurs in the air handling unit.

This system is designed to supply outside air and keep good working conditions in galleys, laundries and similar rooms with a high level of heat sources on board all types of passenger ships. The system design must be based on the equipment supplier’s information on heat dissipation and required airflow. Any demands of national health authorities must also be taken into consideration. For energy saving purposes, the supply fan and exhaust fan have two-speed motors.

Air distribution
The air-handling unit fully filters, cools and heats the air before distributing it through a medium-pressure duct system. The air is then fed into the served areas through medium-pressure supply units, or served directly to hoods and canopies. For removing air from the areas, medium-pressure exhaust units, hoods or canopies are recommended.

Room temperature control
In this system, the supply air temperature will normally be controlled to within 8-10°C below outdoor temperature, and with a minimum air temperature supply of approximately 20°C. Separate zone heaters will serve cold zones in galleys in the air handling unit.